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Okay so here is something that hurts me alot. Desi people and their obsession with Gora rang. No matter how much we deny it, this obsession pretty much does exist in our culture. I genuinely feel bad for all the beautifully tanned people who have to go through so much because of our society. Not only girls i also seen guys being shamed and made fun of because of their color. People have no idea how much they can lower other person’s self esteem by their acts. I’m naturally fair but I’m attracted to tanned guys and I find tanned girls really pretty and attractive. But my heart aches when I see someone mocking the other person because of their color. I don’t know who needs this but I’m sending a virtual hug to all my tanned girlies guys :) more power to you.

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Such mentality has been rooted in the society since it’s onset. The world is modernising but still such mentality should be questioned and retaliated wherever we come across. We should speak up for such discrimination. If we don’t speak up then certain people will consider their perspective and mentality to be correct and pass it on to their next generation. Hence, we should try to stop such discrimination and speak up wherever and whenever possible.


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