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Okay so here is me letting out so first I had attachment with this guy he is younger than me just a year, he take nice care of me at office and always first to defend or cheer me up. So he was leave this job today, I wanted to tell me how I feel about him to let go of my feelings. I said my feelings and he also give his reply that he just had breakup in dec, and said all things depend on me. Then I was talking to me past few days just daily life things. A day before yesterday he was asking for a good bye hug then I’ll be like okay. Then he said kiss too, I hesitated but i said no. Then he start complaining how it’s so unfair. Then i just leave it like that. He also try to talk more intimate things but I didn’t let. So at night too he start again and I clearly said him I don’t wanna do these things till one year complete of our relationship. He was like okay and said good night. Now now from his and my common friend I get to know he hasn’t even breakup with his gf.

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Raza Khan @thegentleguide

Firstly, I want to say that you did a good job by informing him of the limits. Secondly, do find out if it’s true about his break up story. Don’t trust anyone but yourself and once you find it out, you’ll know what to do yourself.


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