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Okay so help me with this:

I have a bf whom I use to talk daily like literally there’s not a single day we wouldn’t have talked. We talk and sleep over call too ( I know it’s a lot cheesy but it’s true :D).
Now, when he don’t call or like stuck with something or he is too tired to call let’s say after party hangover(he is a working guy, we both are actually), then he won’t call me. This you see this actually makes me angry a lot. I starts crying out like why he hasn’t called me yet.

I really want to change this I mean literally.

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Hey it’s really simple! Understanding is the key. Bass samjo ki vo kaam kar raha hai and life will be so beautiful when you both will be together. Just understand that you both are working for your successes and one day this arrangement will be worth


Girl you are working too. It should be easy for you to understand. The issue is something else. Did you have any insecurity from your past relationship carried onto this ?

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