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Kuldeep Pathak @kuldeep21

Okay so for past few days i was feeling a bit lonely so i dont know just by scrolling playstore i found this app and downloaded it and its a good app,i mean the concept is good
Found so many good people here some glitches were there technical and others as well like people looking for girls posts only but its the same everywhere so not complaining about it
Used it for 2 days,enjoyed it a lot but now its becoming an addiction so i’m off
But i’ll be back as soon as i got my career and life well settled
Till then thanks everyone
Love you all

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arun appa @arunbhai


Koi ladki hai kya

This thought has been deleted by the thought author

VIN D @vindh


Hi Found this app ,while feeling bored and alone. Here to meet new peoples around pune …may be we can have good time


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