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Okay let’s start from the beginning me and my best friend had a huge fight . The main reason being that he is doing a intership in which he is very busy and because of that we don’t talk or we talk very less . But last day I had a interview so he called me for asking about it in hia lunch time . There was a function at my place soo I couldn’t pick up his call . But as sson as I got a little time I called him but his break was over . At night he called me and asked about my interview so I told him that it didn’t go as planned and I was basically upset . He then saud that just because you had a bad interview I am not angry with other wise this would be my last call . So I asked him is this a favor you are doing at me by talking as of I would die without it . And in no tym it turned into a fight . He suddenly ended the call and massaged
“Sorry if I say anything more u will end our friendship”. This pissed mee off . I was more than angry .

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So bad

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At least he cherishes ur friendship , but its best to work things out before u miss the chance

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