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Okay, i started school recently. And wow only one week in there are things going as wrong as they can.
I made two freinds, I’ll call them rimmi and timmi. Rimmi has a bestfriend in the other section ill call her simmi. So rimmi and i sit together and we were going to the washroom together when rimmi met simmi and they started talking, im new to the school so i know absolutely no one i tried to initiate a conversation with simmi while rimmi was in the washroom but simmi was very mean, cold and rude to me so when rimmi came out she talked with simmi a bit and we left for class, i asked her why simmi was being so cold towards me and rimmi told me simmi hates me because her ex is into me. (I’ll call him vinni) and vinni is pretty popular, so because he likes me now all the four sections of my class know me and aware of my presence. He comes outside my class to look at me nd all. And rimmi’s bestfriend simmi did not like that so she started spreading rumors abt me saying i wear makeup to school lmao i do not indeed. I use a sunscreen and lip balm. She mustve spread other rumors about me too because everybodys looking at me and gossiping while pointing to me. (Ill write more updates in the next post)

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Who put all this drama in the heads of school going kids? At our time, we used to think about each other’s erasers.

Anyways, stay away from all the nonsense. Stay friends with those who are good to you. Ignore the others. Focus on yourself and your studies.


Thanks. Ill keep this in mind


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