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If you or somebody you know is currently struggling, please take deep breaths and reach out to somebody. Here are few resources that may help.

Okay I dont understand when we were together you couldnt block your ex it was hard for you, you didnt want to do it. But now that Im your ex you block me without any hesitation?! Your ex ruined the definition of love for you, I redefined it for you proved you love isnt cruel and now you do this to me?! You say youre with your new gf just because she is suicidal and you hate breakups, wasnt I? Didnt you hate breakups when you broke up with me?! So i get hatred and betrayal for all the love i gave you?! Was I wrong for loving and fixing you? Is this all you get by loving selflessly? Only if you knew how much I loved you and would have done anything just to keep you and see that precious smile on your face. But you chose her over me.

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yuppiiee @dil_e_dastaaan

dont be sad

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yuppiiee @dil_e_dastaaan

your pain is right but you have to overcome it

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yuppiiee @dil_e_dastaaan

if you want then we can talk regarding this


The attempt to rescue someone is often fuelled by vanity and narcissism.
And there is more to that, this simple act of helping depends on two people, in general, the one who is helping and the who is being helped. So if anyone is possessed by any of the above, they will masquerade there appearance. If not then, probably they are machiavellian, or counterfeit to the core.


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