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Obinna @dovesin

Okay,am gonna take my story bit by bit as it comes to my head , i dont really know why i try too hard and end little ,i have always visualized myself as a mafian or drug lord ,some tough gangster and notorious too but i never walked that part,i have tried my best to shut the dark side of me completely and have tried to develop the good side.sometime last year,i was attacked by someone i thought was a friend, at around 10 to 11 pm in the night and he wanted to use me for organ harvesting,this guys kidnap their victim and sometimes beat the victim to unconsciousness but not to death,they take u to a discreet location and harvest the kidney for sale in the black market,so this was what he actually planned to do to me but in my case,i was able to run away into a nearby bush before they could do that …i am healed already of that but i like to understand something ,this was a friend i have helped alot ,done a lot of things for and just like so many other people i am good to,they always do bad to me in one way or the other ,just few appreciate…now i keep thinking,my mind keep blaming me cos if i have chosen the dark side of me,nobody would ever wanna mess with me …

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