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Ok this may sound completely strange but weird things have been happening and I don’t know if this happens to everyone but…
I’ve been experiencing things where someone says something or I see something and then a while after like a day or to I experience something similar.
For example the other day I was watching Captain America the first Avenger and in the last bit of the movie there was this brown radio thingy I thought it was interesting and actually kind of cool. And today my mum visited one of her friends house and I went with her and at the front of her house she has this veranda area where people can sit and on the table I saw a very similar one to the one in movie,. Same colour, same shape, same size, it basically looked the same.

Similar things have been happening numerous times and I’m starting to get serious freaked out.

Another example is:
I read a lot and the thing is I can read a book where the main character has a butterfly tattoo or something and then I read another book that can be of completely different genre and the chapter is called the butterfly tattoo. At first I thought it was just coincidence but it kept on happening and happening. Am I blowing this out of proportion? Or is it weird.
A while back I was also reading and the girl in the book was obsessed with converse shoes. A day later my brother comes home with a newly bought pair. And he doesn’t read, AT ALL, neither does he care what I’m reading.

Yah and other stuff like those have been happening.
Again am I going crazy or is it continuous coincidence?

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Relax it might be a coincidence you know.
Even if it’s not a coincidence, what harm has it done to you? Nothin right? I mean, you have the potential of someone who could be intuitive. Don’t overthink about it. I think many people experience these things.
So, just relax okay? And do lemme know if anything else happens. I’ll be ready to help you.


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