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ok, this is my first post here so i don’t know if i picked the right category & subcategory. i’m a fifteen year old girl and i’m pretty popular in my school, a lot of people know me and a lot of boys are crushing on me. i can easily get whoever i want, but the thing is i never settle on one person. yeah, i know im still fifteen so i probably shouldn’t be thinking about things like this. but this thing just kinda bugs me. for example, i’m close with this boy and we text each other daily and we might have something there but that kind of thing never lasts more than a month. sometimes it’s because he got bored of me, or we just didn’t match, or he liked somebody else, or i got bored. and i get bored easily. i hate this thing about me, it’s very easy for me to get bored of someone, especially if i think our relationship is going too fast. yeah, that’s it. i don’t even know what i wanna do with this long, irrelevant story but i just kinda want to get this out of my chest haha… thanks.

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heyy, this isn’t irrelevant at all. as someone who was popular throughout her school life, trust me, this isn’t a wrong or insignificant dilemma to have. when i was in school, i was never really ATTRACTED attracted to anyone either. for that matter, i don’t think i’ve ever been attracted to anyone till they have shown interest in me. my story is probably besides the point. BUT, in your case i feel, and i hate to generalise or sound sexist (wrt men on the contrary) but most boys are stupid at 15, (sorry not sorry) no hate just truth
so for whatever reasons it is, lack of character depth, ingenuity, wits, humour…whatever grounds you feel your relationships are not working out, it’s okay…it’s nobody’s fault. in fact, if you’re able to handle relationships gracefully, that’s the sign of a really mature person. don’t lower your standards just to make it work. people seldom find their soulmate at 15, and even the ones around you who’ve been dating for what seems like forever, they’re also going to break up (not in a pessimistic way but just generally out of experience and stats) 
don’t hate yourself for it. commitment is hard, yes, that’s true. but it wouldn’t be that hard with the right person…and all these trial runs are a great way to prepare for that :)

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Narendra @narendra

15 , no problem , be dare

Ashok @ashok

This happens in such age dontwry everthing will be fine acc to time

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one issue that i can isolate is the boredom problem, and in general people who somewhat are unable to decide what they want / have trouble identifying and describing or understanding their feelings. also this is really common in adolescence. 
now of course this is a general point of view, yours can be a lot different but what id suggest and this will be beneficial in reducing sudden boredom is to start working on your self-awareness and emotional intelligence skills along with a hobby to have a sense of control as a huge part of boredom is feeling trapped.


Firstly you are only fifteen you should worry about all these things , life is long and often good things take much more time . I suggest just give some time prior to the relationship like whether you really want him or not , whether the guy is worth or not of your time . i often see attachment so common these days or i can say at your age , but you have to look out and don’t be much faster in your relationship , let it be little slow till you are confident about the guy.
Rest remains with the thing that you too got bored easily , then trust me dear once you got the right person you would never get bored again hahaha…  till then have fun and study man?


Your question is not irrelevant at all and I’m actually proud and happy that you are aware of where you are falling and want to work on that. And on top of that it is perfectly fine to feel this way and it is fine as well if you won’t find somebody you want to settle in future. But I’ll suggest you to focus on yourself and in this way you will be knowing yourself and what’s best in you. And this will lead you to find your partner in a way where both of you will share the same interests.

Khushboo @khushboo

You have put a relevant story. From your things, it seems that you are very clear in life and that’s a really impressive thing. And this will help you find the best life partner with similar interest. 
Just wait for right moment.


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