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Ok story time. I’ve been kind of crushing on this guy. You know those crushes were you like them but you ignore it? Yah it’s one of those and I’ve know him for two years. We met at this young adults group activity and I guess you could call him in some part a bad boy but not entirely. He was always nice to mostly everyone and I noticed that he was especially sweet to me. He even called me tiny cause I’m really short and he’s tall. Anyway we chated on the phone for a while and he told me how he felt. And I ve never been in a relationship my entire life so I was nervous and scared and didn’t acknowledge it. I’m such an idiot and I kept putting my feelings fir him off. Or attempted to atleast.

Note I’m an introvert and can be really shy when it comes to guys.

Any way we stopped talking on the phone and texted but then it stopped since he was always busy during the day and u was really tired at night and went to sleep early due to school. So we didn’t have a chance to really talk. Its been months since we last spoke. And today I looked at his WhatsApp status and saw that he had a girlfriend. And now I feel like i should have made more of an effort to express how I feel.
It was only after I saw the status that I actually realised how much I liked him and now j can’t an idiot fir not shooting my shot

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Sorry my hand accidentally hit the sensitive button


it is said, you don’t realize the importance of something until and unless you lose it. You had a shot with this guy, you didn’t realize it before, you missed it. Its okay, you will get so many more shots in life maybe better ones, and make sure you don’t miss then. For me its like untill and unless you don’t see a red flag give a try to every shot you get, in the end you will learn something or other.


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