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Ok so this is something I m holding up since a really long time because it is about someone really close to me but now it’s getting on my nerve so the thing is i know a person who already have a boyfriend but this person hides the fact of having a bf and start talking to a very introvert and innocent boy and giving him so much attention that he will end up falling in love, and it irritates me because that guy will get hurt really badly and i m feeling really trapped because I can’t tell him the truth
I don’t know what to do

4 replies

If he is your friend then you should definitely tell him. If not then let it be it should not concern you much. You can’t help everyone no matter how much you want to but you can’t.


I think you should tell that guy well friend or not tell him indirectly or just say that she already has someone

dhanashee @dhanu31

Just tell the other person about the committed person

Lameunicorn @theprecious

The thing is the commited person is my bff and I can’t tell the other person as it will break the bro code kinda stuff


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