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Ok so there is this guy who likes me we were together for a while he treated me like a priceless treasure when I didn’t responded to him like he says he did that anyways when we were together there were times he acted so bad like lying to me and Everytime we had a fight or whenever he says shit to me he used to say that I’m sick I got an accident I would die so I always believed him and let that off but once he told me his nose was bleeding and stuff after the mistake and he send me a picture and it was clearly edited like even a blind person could see it it was a red straight line drawn from gallery edit tools anyways that’s when my trust begin to waver it continued happening that he told me he was sick gonna die been hospitalized anyways after a few months he literally shouted at me that I don’t care about him at all Ihe can live without me and that I’m free to go he literally took me for a person I never imagined to be so I broke up now he is befriending my bbrother and my mom idk what I. Should since he is putting so much effort I think he only wants me he don’t love me anyways any opinions?

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suraj kumar @008sr

I don’t think he deserves a chance!! Love is not a joke!! If a relationship is compromised by lies then its not a relationship!! It’s your call but I would never suggest you to give him chance!!


He doesnt deswrve a chance. Chronic jhuth bolta hai wo banda.

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Poonam @poonam19

If he lie to you on these stuffs then girl stop seeing him rn. It will get toxic eventually because a time will come where you will not be able to take it.


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