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Ok so sometimes I feel like I moved on from my ex but at the same time there would be like certain stuff that I would do that me and him used to and it would make me miss that, I see him all the time and I would usually get annoyed with seeing him but afterwards I would think how cute he would be and it’s annoying-.- . Also I like this guy I had met he is from India and I kinda wanna be with him but then again I feel like I’m stuck over my ex and so yea :b but the guy from India is so sweet to me and I love his personality a lot,his voice, looks, I like everything about him. •-•

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Unknown Sender @unknownsen...

take your time to heal before you get into a new relationship. I know it must be thrilling but if you can’t move on from your past you’ll have a difficult time focusing on your present.


Ik I’m planning on healing I want to make sure I fully get over my ex and give time for myself to see who I really am before I get in a new relationship


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