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ok so my best friend has trust issues and idk how to handle this situation

let me start this simple we meet during our 8th grade both of us are new comers so we ended up sitting with each other and then slowly became best friends
i am a really care free and open book type and i am not so brave to take up new things in life,on the other side she is super strong,brave and knows how to handle the situations well
we clicked really well. after few months of ur friendship she said me that she usd be bullied in her old school and did not want to end up in the same situation here as well. i ofc understood this and said i would always be by her side. slowly she started revealing more about her past to me. she said that many people whom she assumed as a good trustworthy friend betrayed her and left her or either bullied her.
it has been three year of ur friendship and we are doing completely fine until recently couple of months back before quarantine crap, we fought.
i am a people kind of person and it is easier for me to open up to. hence i have made really good friends fro the three years in this school. me and my best friend got shifted into a different campus during our tenth grade. she went there couple of months before me so she knew everyone (our class had 11 girls and was the only tenth grade in that campus). so when i joined it was all normal all the 11 girls were really kind to me and since there were only 11 girls we always had to stick around. it was fine every one liked me and they thought of me as a really good friend , but sometimes when i stick around with someone my best friend get annoyed and she fells clingy and she gets scared that i am gonna leave here just like her before so called friends and i would always reassure her that it is never gonna happen and i can not live with out her in my life ,i mean, as i said i am not that brave i taking up new things or balancing my emotions or anything like that and i totally need her. she has become such a part of my life. i can not imagine my life with out her. she felt fine and screwed me up for letting this happen.
but guess what the trust issue thing is like a seed which was planted deep inside her heart due to her past and it always keeps growing no matter what . i totally understand it and i am gonna explain this to her everytime she fells clingy . as i said i can not avoid people because i value the relation ship had with them . and my best friend can not handle me getting close to someone else . she ids fine if i am friends with someone but neglecting her and paying attention to them is something she can not handle . yes she is POSSESSIVE. we have discussed this so may times now and have come to a conclusion and she is much stronger that before but i am still scared that where this trust issue thing is gonna come in between us and i want to help her get out of it
it is totally not her fault butt all she has gone through in her past made her like this and i wanna help her get out of this but do not know
pls hep me out

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