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Katness Hollow @katnesshol...

ok so i have this kid that i like. lets call him umm nick and i liked him for 3 months be4 he said that he liked he and asked me to the dance.  I said yes and weave been going out for 2 months buut hes been acting weird. He gets sad if i hang out with my bff because im not “spending the time i have with him” (btw were graduating middle school in 3 months) and then he says he does not like her… then he has these mode swings that make him sad like 60% of the time. I have checked but he does not have depression or anything physically or mentally wrong and hes starting to act jealous allott. Plz peeps help🙂ps i wrote this be4 but in another category lol

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Hey Katness,Maybe it is just hormonal, as in at that age when you’re in your teens it’s possible to feel extreme emotions, such as feeling jealous a lot. One tends to get very possessive of one’s closest friends/boyfriends/girlfriends. So I understand that. But what you’ll need to understand is that your life is about you. Your priorities, your friends, that were with you before you started dating, are the ones that will be there even if he’s gone. So please don’t start acting like the jerk who gets into a relationship and ignores his/her old friends and stops doing the things and activities they love to spend more time with that person. That’s just stupid, you’ll regret it. You need to ask him what bothers him, why does it make him feel sad/jealous when you hang out with your best friend? Is it because he doesn’t have friends of his own and feels left out? I don’t know, I’m just guessing. Just try to clarify with him what makes him so upset, and maybe you two can come up with an arrangement or solution together. When he opens up to you, you also open up to him and tell him that your friends are also important to you, and that does not mean that he is any less important. I hope you try your best to understand each other’s way of thinking and that it works out in your best favour. Let me know how it goes.

Katness Hollow @katnesshol...

Thanks so much. I’ll ask him.😊


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