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Rebecca Olivia @rebeccaoli...

Ok so I accidentally deleted my last post so this is gonna be a repost of it best i can. I have exams starting on monday and j have no clue how to revise for them snd find it very difficult because i get a lot of anxiety over them. Im having to remember so much for six very different subjects and would love to get some advise and tips, even support of any kind will help. If you want to message me directly or talk just leave a comment asking and I’ll reply my social for you

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Prem @prem

Hi dear
The best way to overcome your fear is to face it.
And remember: Something is better than nothing.
I can understand from your post that you are getting overwhelmed looking at six different subjects.
I will suggest you start with any one subject which according to you is  easier than other subjects.
In that subject also,instead of going for sequensial topics,cover the topics which are asked frequently in past few years.You can collects such questions from last few years’ question papers.
Once you cover these topics,you will get the confidence that you know it all.Then you may cover other topics.
Remember:its all in your head that you don’t know it.Tell your mind you do know.
All the best!

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Bani Singh @banisinghvasir

That’s some great advice Prem, that’s how we used to study in college too.

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