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Ok so here’s it. People who are trying to motivate others on this platform, definitely deserve respect. But those who speak about their problems and vent over here, also deserve a pat on their backs because they send out the message to other people that they aren’t the only ones who are struggling. If you are posting mean comments on someone 's post who is already struggling, then you are the one who is a terrible person and you are the one who needs to leave this site or re-evaluate your morals. This site is all about empathy and respect.


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Pat on back of those who are sharing their problems

actually I saw a couple of mean comments made by a person on the post of someone who was going through a hard time. He said things like, ‘You are insecure’, ‘I can’t stand people like you’ etc, the girl attempted suicide post that. Thankfully she’s okay now. I reported the comments, they haven’t been taken down yet. Idk what’s wrong.

So you must have link to that post right ? Then tag the founders and other members stating that the post hasn’t been put done even after reporting. That may help

I tagged the founders already and even mailed today. I hope action is taken. Such horrible people ughh