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“Ok i’ll believe you that u didn’t use me but i’m still mad at you for lying to me for months. Not once did you tell me you and your bf were together. I have every reason to be mad at you. You knew I liked you and you just let it happen you didn’t tell me anything about you and nik. Well I don’t hate you and the worst i’ve actually said about you is that you cheated on me with blake. I’m not fake I was just really really annoyed at everything. It’s not all your fault i’m annoyed other things have been happening aswell. You just happened to speak at the wrong times. I do understand why you are annoyed at me but, I don’t constantly go telling your bf about you. I have only talked about you to him once and that was when he added me on snap and told me everything so I returned the favour and told him everything. I am fine with being best friends but i’m not just going to be your best friend after this argument. If you want to be anything to do with friends I think we should start with a clean slate. Build the friendship from scratch. And If you want to know what I really think of you. You are a kind person though at times i’m ngl you can be a b***h. You don’t mean harm to anyone. You have got a excellent personality and you are funny. You are as generous as you can be. I don’t like you anymore so please stop thinking I am jealous. (My current boyfriend) told me that you spent the night crying the first night we started arguing is this true? And i’m still wondering what you meant by I have a pure soul?”
I got this email from my ex boyfriend what do I do? He is ruing my relationship and he is getting so goddamned toxic and sexist I dont know what to do.

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