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Rebecca Olivia @rebeccaoli...

****Trigger Warning ok, I need some help with dealing with a sensitive topic. So I have a friend that self harms and talking to her and asking her to stop works for a small while but I need advice on how I can help her more than I already do. I need a way to help her that lasts longer than a day or too, but talking to a teacher about it as much as it seems needs to be done, is something I can’t do because only a few of us know about it. So that’s ehy I need your help. I don’t want something really bad happening to her or she does something stupid she’ll regret

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Avni @avni

Okay, first of all, you are a great friend for standing beside you friend and wanting to help her through this. Second, if you dont think she wont stop right away, i suggest asking her to switch to painting or doodling on her body. It might help her emotionally and also keep her safe.

Deepanshi @deepanshigupta0

Hey… I must say you are good friend . Keep it up. And ya for your friend i can say if she is not stopping doing this and doing it all over again. I think then counselling will be helpful. I hope she will be fine soon.


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