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Ok I desperately need guidance when socialising.
Here it goes: I’ve been an introvert most of my life and I barely have any friends, I don’t even have social media except for WhatsApp.if it’s even considered one.

I’ve been wanting to join Instagram buy o can’t help but continuously procrastinating in fear that I’ll somehow fail or embarrass myself.
And I don’t even know how to take pictures!😕

So I guess you can imagine the fear of being judged by everyone.

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Swotter @kskarthik

Don’t worry many here are like that. Connect with someone and keep talking. Many yes many will desert but don’t dishearten. Keep working on meeting new people and try genuinely you will find someone. God bless you.


hi! i think im just like u but somehow i just do it u know. just join the insta and post whatever u want. some ppl will love it. and some don’t but its okay because that’s how life works u know. u will always find the right person for u if u keep trying. everything is gonna be alright


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