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Ok, a small warning, I’m gonna rant a bit right now cause I’m stressed and getting more pissed off by the minute. So currently I’m on lunch and I early had a mental breakdown last period because of all the pressure I received during the periods before that. Do I had a mental breakdown last night and do I didn’t do my homework for that class all because I wanted to focus on recovering myself do I was in a better mood before I went to bed, or I would have woken up today pissed off. So I was told that because I didn’t do my homework I had to do it during class, when found out, They. Were. All. Shocked. This is one of my reputations I managed to wreck but it’ll be back 100% true in no time cause I can’t seem to get rid of them no matter how hard I try.

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Neelam @neelam

It’s okay, they don’t understand how important your healing process is. Don’t worry about your reputation because truly everyone’s always going to have some problems with whatever you do. You do your thing. Okay ?
Just try to figure out the cause of that mental breakdown. If you can point to one single issue, then you know what is causing you trouble. But if you feel that it is due to multiple reasons, and you can’t really pin point what is causing the breakdown, then you should consider taking professional help because they can guide you to your well being. They will be able to understand the reasons and give you the right solutions.


The pressures can come cascading down like this, when one hasn’t gotten over the previous emotion. Don’t worry about what “they” think. I regret the fact that I spent most of my life caring about my reputation, even though I did things on my own terms. Just do you.


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