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Ohkk…so aj jo maine seekha wo ye hai ki success is not about getting a job or passing any exam…success bahut badi ho jaroori nahi…choti choti safalta b life m bahut badi success ke barabar hi hoti h or utni hi khusi b deti h…jaise aj ki bat btau to is beech maine kai mahino ke bad khud ke chote chote targets ko achieve kia h…jaise daily exercise then study…or apne time table ko follow krna…khud ki healthy diet…or aj jb m yuhi sham m baithi to jin bato p m jaldi paresan ho jati thi aj maine dekha ki aisa nahi hua…aj maine bahut positively usko solve kia…to y b success h na…dheere dheere sb sahi ho ra h…ab bdi success b jaldi aaegi…so ap sab bhi …plz dont lose hope… sari power apne andar h…use identify kariye…

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Gaurvi Narang @gaurvinaran...

Sahi kaha!

Khushboo @khushboo

True, little things in life matters alot. Small achievements in life piles up to make itself a big success. So, start your target at a small level and then combine it to make meaning change to lead success. Success is important for all of us. Focusing on success is therefore crucial. Small targets make big goals. 
Enjoy every moment with a positive attitude.

Rashmi @rashmimalhotra

?Absolutely right


Yes, it’s very true. Small things in our life also gives us so much happiness like spending time with our family. It’s very big happiness for me because hardly I have any time to spend with my family.

Sweetplum @sweetplum

Absolutely! Little achievements in day to day life add up to big things in life.


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