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Oh boy, here we go. So I was reminded that I’m going to Barcelona next Wednesday on the 1st with my school, and I can just tell someone will pick up on something todo with my epilepsy. It’s a given to happen. Out of the forty students in my year going, I’m only friends with two of them and happily I’m sharing a room with them. But I have to be at the school bus park at 2:30 AM. Now, with having epilepsy I need to get enough sleep. I know what your thinking, sleep on the bus or the plane, or even both. I have came to learn that i can’t sleep on any form of transportation no matter how hard I try. And I’m going to school the day before like normal. So, for me to get enough sleep, I’m going to get my dinner at my mums work as soon as I get into town at the end of the day, go home and sleep for a bit. Your probably thinking I could just call it a day there and sleep till I have to get up to leave, trust me, I’d love that. But I’d have to wake up to get my meds, then go back to sleep. Sounds pretty easy, and that I’m making a big deal over it, I know. I have difficulty falling asleep and I wake up at ‘random’ (or do I thought) times during the night. During nearly the past year I keep waking up at 2,3,4 or 5 in the morning without fail. So this trip will certainly be interesting. I would also like to do a post where I’m just answering some of your questions, it doesn’t need to surround epilepsy, I don’t mind what they are, within reason, so if you do have questions just leave them in the comments and I’ll answer them nearer the time I’m going to Barcelona

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Hey! I’d say that NO you are not making a big deal over it. If it is a problem for you, then it is. No one else can imagine what you go through and nobody has the right to point out anything related to your epilepsy.


You are a brave woman. This trip would be good for you, it will be a change and I hope you have loads and loads of fun. Do try to go with a positive and affirmative mindset :) More power to you R!

Anant @anant

Does it bother you when people pick on you ?


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