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🤍 Now&Meet& Greet 🤍

Hey, Now&Me Fam! ⭐️
How’s this week treating you?

Did you know? Today, April 7th we celebrate Now&Me Day. It’s been 1 year since we created this beautiful online family!

Now&Me is what it is because of all you lovely people who are so courageous and kind at heart. And we don’t want to miss any opportunity to interact with you!!

Thus, we’re back with our weekly Member Meet-Up. 🕺🏻🌈 💛

The idea behind the Now&Meet&Greet member meet-ups is for all of us to interact and get to know each other better. You can share your feelings with each other or simply chit-chat and along the way, you’ll realise you’re not alone!

A safe space for all extroverts, introverts and ambiverts. Join us, talk to us and get to know the community while being in your comfort zone. 🌻

Note: There is no compulsion to turn on your video, we’re just happy to have you there!

So, come let’s talk 🧡

Here are the details:

Date: 9th April, Friday
Time: 6 p.m. - 7.30 p.m. IST
Venue: Google Meet
Theme: Life & Fun Experiences
Meeting link: http://meet.google.com/isk-zxrf-duu

Please drop a comment below to show your interest so we know you’ll be joining us.*

Feel free to invite friends to this fun session. You can share this post with them to include them on our list.

We look forward to seeing you all there! It’s going to be a super wholesome and extremely relaxing environment, filled with fun, that will leave you feeling cosy & happy inside. 🥰

Post anonymously?

Looking forward!!

As are we! See you theree ✌️

Heya… definitely meeting up with you guys…💞✨
See ya there ✌🏻🌼

See you!! 🌈


I tried joining last time but no one allowed me …


No one allowed me in zoom meeting …then tel me how to join


Meetings are held on Goole meet not on zoom


Yup sorry …Google meet par accept nhi kiya …

@beunapologeticallyyou, Hi! I did allow everyone inside the meeting whoever came between 4-5:30 pm.

Sorry, if you couldn’t join. Will meet you at this meet-up!💫


Yes I came around 4:15 …but it was showing … someone wil let you in …but kuch nhi hua then I left


Let’s meet in this meeting …I’m excited

I am sorry for that, same here. 💁


Hey it’s perfectly ok …may be koi technical issue ho …I’m joining this meeting …excited … thank you for this amazing platform

Thanks, buddy. 🤝


Welcome …good night sweet dreams happy ninni …kal ka day bahut sari khushiyan laaye aapke liye

Thank you, needed this.

Wish you the same. 💛


Welcome …💜


Sab kuch best hoga don’t worry …

I wanna join



I’ll be there.

We’ll be waiting!!

Let’s try this 😅



I would like to join please count me in


I’m trying to enter but invitation is not getting accepted

So, it’s on Friday, i.e, tomorrow.


😂 sorry I’m so clumsy at times didn’t c it’s for tomorrow


Ty st1199😊💛💛

No problem! 😃

I would like to the join the session .



I would like to join

Please do! 🦋

I didn’t get the notification of this post 😭

But now you have read this post, so you can join in tomorrow at 6 pm IST.

Oh. Shit i thoughts its was in 7 April

Ohh, but now you must be relieved.


Guys how to join by which app do let know I also wanna join

The meeting platform is Google Meet. Just click on the given link, select you email account, and you’d be able to join.




I will surely try to join this meet up!!
Sounds exciting.



I wish I had seen it a bit earlier.
I missed it🥺


You haven’t please see the meetup date.

Hey! It’s today at 6pm


Let’s see hear new things and some faces



Ill be there 😁



I missed it 😭😓


Please do notify me for the next session!

Hey! We’ll be posting about it next week and you will receive a notification for the same 🌈

Okay will try to come ! It’s the video conference where i am interested to go XD. Looking forward to meet some extroverts

Hey!! Awesome see you there!

Did you guys had a Good session ? Feeling regretful to not attend it , when is the next meetup gonna Happen. ?


Guys pls let me know how to join by which app I wanna join 🙂


Download google meet and link on the link provided in post come in between 4-6 pm… And it’s done!! I think so



Just click on the link mentioned in the post and you’ll enter the room.
It starts at 6 pm. 😀


Hey I’m interested too

Do join us today @ 6pm ❤️


Guys unable to join meet it’s coming as someone needs to let you join in ??? How to join then

At what time did you join?


It is showing you wil join the meeting when someone let’s you in …n again I’m waiting waiting waiting

So till 6:10 pm, nobody could enter but after that everyone was in the meeting, how come you get miss?


Hey I missed it, how it went?

Hey! It went great! Join us next time


Please someone translate the IST time to UTC so next time you do one of these I don’t miss it

Hey! Sure. Will mention both time zones 🧡

I could not join the meet up yesterday, but I wanted to congratulate the entire team of Now&Me for completing one year of helping people

Thank you so much Dhvani!! We missed you! Do join in the next one 🌻

Yeah, I’ll definitely try to join the next one. :)


So bad that i missed it.