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💛Now&Meet&Greet: Family Special💛

Hey, Fellow Empaths! ⭐️

This time’s member meet-up is about love, togetherness and family! 🧡

Love is where ‘family’ is
And Family is where the heart is 💖✨

This meet-up is for every person out there who just wants to feel that sense of togetherness. Or if you just want to feel lighter & discuss your family life, what situation you’re in, or anything related to that, this is the place for you.

Whether you’re in a good space with your family, or not. Whether you have a family, or not. In any case, you’re all part of the Now&Me Family, and we can’t wait for you to join us & take in all the love 🥰

Now&Meet&Greet is what we call our Member Meet-ups & they’re a great way to feel connected and at home!

The idea behind them is for all of us to interact and get to know each other better. You can share your feelings with each other or simply chit-chat and along the way, you’ll realise you’re not alone!

A safe space for all extroverts, introverts and ambiverts. Join us, talk to us and get to know the community while being in your comfort zone. 🌻

Note: There is no compulsion to turn on your video, we’re just happy to have you there!

So, let’s get to know each other 🧡

Here are the details:

Date: February 26th, 2021 (Friday)
Time: 4 p.m. - 5 p.m. IST
Venue: Google Meet
Theme: Family, Love & Togetherness 💖
Link for the Meeting: https://meet.google.com/rfg-vaxv-rja

Please drop a comment below to show your interest so we know you’ll be joining us.

Feel free to invite your family, try to get ANY family member (can even be a friend) to join with you this time! You can share this post with them to include them on our list.

We look forward to seeing you all there! It’s going to be a super wholesome and extremely relaxing environment, filled with fun, that will leave you feeling cosy & happy inside. 🥰

Post anonymously?

Such a lovely topic…💛
Have a happy meet up everyone.
Hey @rivadhingra can the next meet up happen at some other day other than Friday or can time be shifted to 8pm-9pm
But for sure only in the favor of everybody here.💕

Thanks for the suggestion @workinprogress!! We will surely try our best to change it to a later time. If not this time then next time for sure ❤️

Thank you for understanding @rivadhingra
Hoping to be able to join the next time.
Also hope you all have a really nice time 😌❤

I am interested in joining. However, it might be difficult for many people to attend during 4-5 pm, as other user has said. I second their suggestion of timing as 8 pm to 9 pm.

Hey! Thanks for the suggestion!! Will surely keep it in mind ❤️

Super excited 😍
It’s gonna be my second time joining the meeting♡♡♡♡

Wonderful 🧡🧡


I am feeling very good to join . But scared of people or what gonna happen . Its difficult for me to get socialize.

It’s completely fine to feel scared, you can give it a try and see how does it feel.😀


Will love to join…
Looking forward to a great time…

We’ll be so happy to have you!! Do join 💛





Nice to meet you guys. Hope I will be helpful to you guys and vise versa.💛
Have a cheerful day🌻

Hey!! Of course, it’ll be lovely to meet you please do join ❤️


Would love to join

Yayyy ❤️


I will join…last time was fun.



Feeling Exciting To Meet Everyone

So are we!!!


I just came across this website and thought it might be a good idea to get a refreshment. See you all soon

Same here, meet us at the next meet-up. 😀💃

wow…such a lovely meet up it was❣️

Thank you, it was great talking to you.
See you again! 💜🌼


Please let us know through emails regarding the meetings, in case I forget to check the site.

Sure!! Please send your email id to us at community@nowandme.com

Happy to join ❤️



when will it be organised again?


Is there a way for to have a new joinee?