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November 15, 2021

Why is it so easy to let go of a person but letting go of the memories so hard? Maybe because the memories you had with her were the best memories of your life. Every day you try to be the best version of yourself, but also, every day, you remember the times that you were the best version of yourself because of her. You remember why you want to be the best. And that’s because of her. Now you tried it again, but this time it’s for yourself. Although you tried, it just doesn’t feel right. You always feel like something’s missing. It’s like you’re always trying to find the missing piece of the puzzle, and you remember that the piece you’re looking for is long gone and will never touch your bare skin ever again. Now the puzzle will never be complete.

Forgetting right now is fucking impossible. All I can do is learn how to live with the pain. And even if somehow I managed, it won’t change the fact that I’ll never get the chance again to look into your brown eyes, to hold your hands as if they were mine, and kiss your forehead whenever I say goodbye.

Moving on is now a mere concept. Moving forward is an option. An option that someday I will take so that I can move in.

Why is letting go so hard?

Why does it have to be an option?

Why can’t I love and don’t think of anything else?

Is it selfish?

To whom?

They say time heals. And time flies.

Maybe someday, I’ll find myself again in another dimension where I once felt the yellows of life.

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Vishal @vishal98

Because,there is hope in your heart that particular person might come back in your life, due to which you are unable to move on.

I loved one girl for like 5-6 years, at the end she was just playing with my feelings, i took 2 years to heal, everything happens for a reason, just try to think positive that he/she was just a lesson, but take your time, there is no hurry as such, everyone have their own circumstances. What you are feeling is very normal after breakup. It’s okay, someone might be waiting for you in future. :)

I hope this helps

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Madhura @madhuraaaa25

Here is a piece of advice…No matter how hard it get for to overcome this pain…no matter how much it hurts you emotionally…You cannot afford to make other aspects of your life suffer…
Be professional at work.
Sincere towards ur family and frnds.
Or else you’ll loose urself dude!!
You’ll loose ur confidence…
Just don’t stop loving urself…I understand you are hurt…
But never forget that love is a part of life…not ur entire life…


Its gonna be okay


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