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ank @ank0510

Nothing is working right. I don’t know what to do. O need some strength and positivity

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Junaid Ahmed @junaid13

I am not gonna tell it’s okay , everything is gonna be fine.

I would like to know more.

ank @ank0510

My engagement broke because of family issues. I had planned my entire life around it. Relocation n everything. Now I am so blank as to what to do. I m just so lost

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Junaid Ahmed @junaid13

I am sorry about your engagement ank.
You must be having a lot going on in your mind as you had everything planned.
I understand, life gives us a lot of surprises.
I recommend you to deal with one issue at a time.
If we rush for resolving everything at once , it’s impossible and exhausting.
Accept the things and look for some clarity.

Take charge brother.
Life cannot be cruel all the time. If you feel it’s still exhausting , try writing everything down in a book.
Believe me , this will provide peace, courage and clarity.

Cheer up ✨
You will make things right

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Junaid Ahmed @junaid13

I hope you step up and do what it takes.
Wishing you a turn around and a good life.

Take care

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