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Nothing is going right from few years and now also , want to cry like aloud , feels Iike I want to give up on this life, even after trying very hard everyday…

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Don’t worry everything will be OK and believe me you will be happy one day and if you want to cry just do it it will help you and don’t give up, life is a beautiful gift of God and your life will differently change 😊🤗and this smile and hug is for you for trying hard everyday give your 100%


cry, cry as much as you can. and aslo talk to someone about how you feel, ik you’ve heard this a lot of times probably but talking about things really helps a lot.
don’t give up, ik it may seem like nothing will ever go right in your life rn but don’t give up. it does get better.
if you believe in God talk to him
but i promise you it will get better, and one day you’re gonna look back and be glad you didn’t give up


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