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Not sure how to take it. I gifted my parents a saree and a jacket 4 years back for their anniversary and dad wore it once after an year and said that he doesn’t want to wear it. My mum wore that saree 2 months back after I cried and asked if she is ever gonna wear it as she was using all the sarees that her cousins got and even the one someone in our neighbourhood gave. Now, today my brother sent them a saree and a pair of shirt & trouser. They wore it right away with all the arrangements of matching stuff. I was like nah I don’t care yesterday but today seeing them wearing those is making sad for myself. And yeah my brother and I are not on talking terms!!!

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Reading this it definitely feels like they do it intentionally. And in my opinion parents cannot be right all the time. No doubt they raised you and loved you, but they are humans and can be wrong. Give yourself some space and rethink the efforts you’ve been giving/receiving. Probably you’ll get the answer to this behaviour.


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