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Not just today i feel no one cares about me because let me explain i am 15 years old and i like gaming and want to pursue a career in that but my parents doesn’t think its right and they also scold me for using mobile phone. Don’t i deserve that much freedom. Please reply a solution for me. 😔😔😞😥

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Hello there. It depends on what part of the gaming industry you would like to go into. Is it developing / programming? Animation? Voice overs? Marketing? Testing? Streaming?

It isn’t the most stable industry, I will tell you that. When the recession hit back in 2009, my husband was laid off four times in one year. My husband started off as a Quality Assurance Tester for EA Games and they treated their QA folk like dirt. They made them sign up for 11 months so they weren’t seen as “full time” employees, they were considered self employed - which a lot of games testers are seen as. His salary starting off was really low but this was back in 2006. He’s grown since then, career wise and now he works as a Lead Quality Assurance Tester for an international company (not in games).

If you wanted to just see what it’s like - then try testing. You’ll be able to break games to see what makes it crash but be warned - it’s not fun. My husband had to test / break a Harry Potter demo game that only lasts 20 minutes and he did this for 8 hours a day. That will put it into perspective for you.

Good luck.



Remember that usually your parents know or want best for you. If they are telling you to take school seriously and your blowing them off and being disrespectful, then that is unacceptable. You can always pursue a career and still have love for video games… I was in the sam situation when i was your age… I thought i was gonna be a professional Halo 3/MW gamer with no intent on caring for school, but that all changed when I moved with my father who showed me his mistakes in life about school and how if he cared he could have done anything… I had no credits at the time but ended up going to college and graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree… I still play games in my free time, so you could do the same… Remember always respect your parents because you dont know how much time they will be around. My Pops passed away on 4/6 and everything I worked so hard for was for him and I. I wouldn’t be where I am today if he didn’t make me realize where I was mistaking things in life. Follow your dreams but also keep in mind your parents wisdom and guidance.

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Nitesh @niranjannitesh

Hey 👋

I am assuming by gaming you mean “e-sports”.

I don’t know if I have a solution or not, but I’ll share my experience about it.

I was only 13 when I realized that I wanted to build apps and websites and learn hacking or how computers were built etcetera.

My parents were very scared that maybe I am on the wrong path and I’ll ruin my life.
And let me tell you It’s not about freedom.
It’s just things weren’t like this for them. Technology escalated very quickly and it changed almost everything.

I know how it’s like to be in the position.
Not only my family scolded me daily until last year when I got my first “actual” job.
and It wasn’t just my family, it was my teachers, my friends, relatives and even family friends telling me that I will mess up.

So, most likely it was similar to where you are.
I know gaming sounds fun, when PUBG was first released I was playing it daily for hours for more than a year, I was good enough so I even considered gaming as a career option.
but even though I was a teenager I knew it was very addicting so I had to quit.
(I am still a teenager).
if you just want to play games for fun just limit it to 1-2 hours max a day.
but if you are considering it as a career option, I am simply asking to see what are the pros and cons of that option and in the long term, if you’ll be able to sustain the cons. If so then for sure go ahead.
You are very young and younger peoples are very motivated about what they want, so use it your advantage.
I am simply asking to look out for other options, generally, we limit our views on one single thing without knowing the other options.

even though I wanted to do all these things, until 11th grade I was focusing on my studies I even started preparing for IITJEE till 12th grade when I fully learned the pro and cons of what I am going to do and I decide to not prepare for IITJEE anymore.

to sum it up just consider your options.

Also, this was my experience with an unconventional career choice, so take it with a grain of salt because yours might be different.
Right now I am 18 and I am working here on Now&Me. I have also freelance before and worked in another company.


Well even if you want to pursue a career in gaming make sure to really try in school man just in case you realize gaming career is not for you. From what I have read most of those professionals focus on one game if your 15 now once you leave home that game might not be popular anymore. But the most important thing is are you naturally talented at videogames because remember you would not be facing normal gamers you will be facing the best.
You will need a backup plan if you don’t get anywhere with gaming just to be safe. Your parents probably just want you to focus on finishing school with good grades so you can succeed in life. You can still try a career in gaming man even after school.


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