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Not good
My marriage was fixed before 3 months…it was love marriage …he broke because of his parents please help me and talk to him I can give his no. If anyone wants to help…I need help…

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I do not know who you are… I do not know how was your marriage… It might have being best time of your life.
Sadly, now its over… I know how you feel, I do. Have being there and I am still kind of going thro it.
I have no idea who you are but, if he brake up with you, There is no way he deserves you. NO WAY, 0 CHANCE.
It hurts me to see someone in this state becouse I really have being there, to the bottom…
Be strong, hold yourself, cry, take your time, get a hobby go out, get to know other people.
Define goals and achieve them. Move on.
If its destiny he will crumble back to you, if its not…good news, universe has something better to give you. ;)
Hang in there it wont be easy but by the end you will be better and stronger.


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