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not good i keep on getting ignored by everybody near and around what is worse is i have a heart condition and my mom continue to ignore me when i tell her that i am in pain because of the lights because they are on all day i have seen changes to my lungs my veins my whole body i tell my mom and my sisters to please stop ignoring me but they do not i hate feeling the pain it hurts a lot i have seen the same changes in my brother and sister veins as well get tired a whole lot more earlier than before i wish i had someone to help me out cause i am tired of getting ignored she believes it is in my head i have nothing to worry i have taken advil and it continues and i do not know what to do i am scared of dying also i have not had the opportunity to see a heart doctor.

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Hey! It’s best for you if you don’t panic. It’s about your health. The need of the hour is for you to go to the doctor. So that you can be sure about what’s wrong and help yourself get better. You’re not alone. I’m here for you, whatever you wanna talk about!

Regina @reginaregina

Is there anything I could help you with ??
I can understand what you are going through because recently I underwent a surgery recently.
I understand the guilt the patient goes through.
Let me know if theres anything I could do that would help you.


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