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Not every relationship is the same. So I am a person who is not comfortable or who is simply not interested in being any sorts of physical with my boyfriend. I am still young and my life has a spiritual background so I do not feel like getting involved in physical stuff of any kinds. My Bf doesn’t really force me into doing anything but sometimes I feel he does want to get involved but he has to compromise because I’m not ready. I keep feeling guilty. Am I wrong?

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really tough question…
first thing first … if you don’t want get physically involved then its completely your call nothing is wrong or right!!
second is how he is gonna feel about this : what you can do is listen to him and somehow get to know him (you have communicated your message now first thing is to listen to him and understand him) a good communication session is what he requires always !! at least you can give a try to this (don’t talk but listen)!!


I agree. I think the best thing to do here is to communicate with each other. Really listen and talk about what each of you needs or are uncomfortable with.


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