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Nobody replies to me🙃 sorry for being silly but seriously nobody since 4 days…here…🙃

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Expectation kills. Avoid that. Dont think you are alone. Enjoy solitude. No can break you


I want to end this bullshit in my mind🥺But how? what i’m supposed to do?Im always overthinking about it.
I want to voice it out so this heaviness i feel everynight well gone.
I need somebody who can listen to me with no judgement and Listen to me with all her/his heart🥺 I dont deserve this pain, i’m to young to have this kind of mental problem. Help me please🥺

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Ana Banach @johnthejohn

Dear Anonymous,
I originally came here to talk about a crush I had on my friend. That only got one reply. My other posts, some on anonymous accounts, however, got seven comments. People want juicy stuff, not basic, “I want to tell my friend I like her. How do I do it?”

Your problems matter, please stay here.

Best of luck.


Hey, people are always there, all around you, and India specially has a population problem xD. For yourself your first step must be taken by you my friend.


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