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Sophie @sophiehope

Nobody knows anything about me truly. Nobody knows about the pains I go through at my own home. Everyday is a new nightmare that I just can’t wake up from. I wish that people could touch me and my whole life flashes before their eyes, but if that happened I bet they would be too scared of what they saw. They would not be able to even comprehend what I have been through. I can’t even. How is my life this horrible? Why am I even alive?

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I am sorry you are going through this. I think nobody knows eachother well its only you. You know how much u struggled, you know how hard it was. Be your own bestfriend and support yourself in times of diffculty. One day you will ofcc get someone who will love you who will know you well but first love yourself and be the one for yourself :)


Yes, they would be too scared of what they saw.
Sometimes, you can’t let your emotions free. It can affect your friendship, relation (personal experience). And in the end, you will feel guilty for everything.


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