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Lamoriya @shristi_sadasam

Nobody is too ill to not choose self,only altered reality can change it but even if its altered reality/when it happens,the person becomes well aware of it(but I would say for such people one or two offences should be forgivable),this is true for cases where one is prone to commit offences but the problem lies in cases where self is not threatened/not threatened that much intensely(for example a person being in a situation/victim of theft),and for such cases we will have to accept that mental illnesses exist(because people get prone to such things).
On a bigger note I would say yes mental drama/dysfunctions/hurdles really do exist but I am not considering them to be mental illnesses because it is a fact that people perceive threats from such people(which is BARELY/NEVER the case)and treat them under very harmful/severe circumstances(in the name of such word β€˜mental illness’)while it is a given fact/is understood that only mind can cure mind(I mean they only need proper care),with another fact that life is not a race.(to get an idea what I am trying to say here read para first again).
If I am very far from being right,feel free to share(saying it for the sake of saying it).

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