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Simple @simple_25

No…there is no switch inside you, that controls your feelings.
You can not switch it On or Off… you don’t have any control.
You can not cry when you want, you can not smile when you want.

Feelings are directly connected to our heart, it lives inside our heart.
Don’t push yourself to feel for someone, love is natural, it comes naturally.

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i guess i am not a human lol.

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Raghav @r4gh4v

No you are, maybe you are good at suppressing it… but dont do it… express it in front of someone you trust and care…

Simple @simple_25



i don’t suppress lmao. i have mastered the art of controlling my mind. sounds cliche but it’s true. i feel exactly the way i want to and when i want to. i rarely pretend. i am mostly in the moment. took me years to master this technique.


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