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No saving not a good salary house is rented so half of the salary goes to maintenance or rent bill not able to proceed my study further because of financial issues and I’ve a younger sister in my home and I’ve to take care of her too, I don’t have parents to support me and life is totally sucked because of money problems and lots of responsibilities I try to control my overthinking habit but my life situations made me think again n again I’m just 21 and the problems are not leaving my life don’t know why

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anuj @anujvohra

You are still young. And good that you are taking responsibility of your sister as well. Just keep working, salary increment happen over time. Regarding studies, what kind of expense you are having? Try to do part time job online as well to increase income if time permits. Hopefully over time things will improve. My best wishes

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anuj @anujvohra

Hope u r feeling better


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