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No one to trust and no one to talk to. I suck. Maybe they are right. My attituse really suck. What can I do? I thought I change nyself for the better. I change myself because they always like to nag me all the time like I am the only one they are seeing. I just got tired and change myself. I became bold and fearless. I don’t really care now about the people around me because they always eanted to talk bad things to me so I just ignore them but it only got worse. I will be a good kid for a day they take advantage of it. I’ll be a bold, fearless and a person who doesn’t care about the people around me I became bad. Telling me I am arrogant. I’ll try to change myself for the better but it is still not enough.

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i’ll tell u what fuck ppl , u know what u really are and i do believe that u are really nice guy , maybe ppl don’t like cause ur too good for them , so better be with someone who knows ur worth and values ur feelings .
I know it isn’t easy but u have to be patient and wait for that one right person it can be anyone maybe a friend or a girlfriend/boyfriend .
U never know what the future has for u so just chilllllllllllllllll

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