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No one prepared me for how lonely it is now when I’m working on myself and just need a shoulder to cry on or lend a ear to talk about silly details of my day.

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numan @numanisbhat

Mere shoulder chalega? Phir ro lo be strong bro


Thanks that means a lot just need someone to hug me and tell me it’s gonna be alright they’re by my side


I can relate. Constantly trying to improve yourself, doing your best and working hard for the entire week. But still it sometimes feels lonely.


Yes it can get lonely at times but we’re strong bro

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Gautam @lovely_boy2

No more tears, no more doubt, no pretense;
now you will run along the path of happiness
Your heart is brimming with courage and joy;
and you will grow with all my might every day

This song and tight hug from my side


Thanks we’ll get through it


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