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No one is perfect - that’s why pencils have erasers

Be positive🤗


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What if someone you love and can’t leave tells you to be perfect according to him or her ?

Then he doesn’t truly love you. What I think love is just a word to define a relationship where there’s acceptance and affection. If he loves you, then he shouldn’t want you to change for the better. Also, you must know that there’s no definition for perfection. When you trust yourself, believe in yourself, and be yourself, then, in the true sense, you’re perfect. So, in my opinion, you shouldn’t try to change yourself for a love that isn’t answerable of acceptance.


What if the same person who tells you to be curvy says you’re perfect.
How to deal with this stuff?


Don’t forget pencil is replaced with pen when child grow up just to realize us that now it is not easy to erase any mistake.

The definition of " Perfect " is very subjective and it is change from person to person.

Make sure you are just going to be perfect for yourself.