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No one cares… It just u on ur own wen u need people to talk to… Everyone disappears… I act like am okay to everyone but am nt okay… Am losing myself… Slowly deriving my self of joy n happiness am suppose to have… Becoming emotional every single time… Am a failure… Have failed myself… Failed my family n myself again n again… I feel like dis huge mess where I cant get anything good out of myself… I have even tried to take my own life shocking right?? But it true, many times actually … Most times I just think am better off dead and nt alive at least I dont have to worry abt anything else… I dont have go through all dis pain n everything am feeling…

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You matter. You matter a lot…

Find out what makes you happy and do that regardless of what other think.


I don’t know if this will mean much, but there are people who love you and adore you and if you try to take your own life, youll be missing out on so many things, sweetheart. Today, there is no one like you, you are so unique in your own little ways. Do not lose hope, please, this world needs you, you deserve this space and so so much more. Wishing you smiles and i hope you get through this as soon as possible.
Youre amazing.

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I am in such a situation right now that my is haunting me and my future is sitting on a plate of ice in a pool of lava.
I have thought about leaving all this shit behind and I’ll be at peace but never did it and will never do it.

As much as we seek validation and comfort from others we neglect the people around us that care for us the most. I know no matter what my family will never be able to recover from my loss and I can’t put them in such pain. I will fight all the loneliness and depression if I can guarantee that my family will not experience the pain of losing a child, a sibling. You never know when your time may come to shine if you end it too early. Fight it, gain from this pain and make yourself stronger.


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