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No matter what I do and however nice I am to anyone, somehow I’m always the culprit. I need this pain to stop. Please. I can’t take it anymore.

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You do you. Don’t think about others.

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Jasleen K. @jasleen_kaur

Sending some love to you🌻 be kind towards yourself dear

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Shabana S. @shabana_saiyye...

Hey I understand that Sometimes all things point 👉 it towards us and even we start feeling it our fault
But don’t let your mind believe it for a fraction of a second that it’s only your fault, there is never one person or reason behind anything that happens there are many people involved
Take a deep breath and remember how many times you did the right thing


People always think about themselves first before you so if they are blaming may be they get some benefit by blaming you so think about it … and if your intuition and your heart says you are right than have faith in yourself and always take stand for that … don’t think about what they got to say


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