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new to this app, just found it. i’m a 17 year old girl, waiting for her a level results (which are now predicted bc of covid-19). my mental health has kind of been rocking for the first time in my life: social anxiety, overthinking everything, feeling bad about myself, negative thoughts… it’s become increasingly worse. i have weekly counselling sessions now which i am hoping will help, but i guess my main worry currently is: do i go to uni next year.

i know that this is anonymous and no one here can tell me the answer but i wanted to get it out anyway. i was always under the impression that i’d go straight to uni and not do a gap year because i don’t really want to travel, id rather go ahead w uni. but recently i’ve become more down, more anxious, reliant on my friends, sad and felt hatred for myself and how much i overthink/feel awkward/anxious etc. it’s become worse and led me to dark places that i didn’t realise i was capable of feeling. with that being said, moving to another part of the country away from the comforts of my home feels like it’s going to only make things worse if i’m not doing so well. if i had a year at home, maybe i could get a job/volunteer somewhere and work on counselling and self care and building up my confidence/self love. i have got 5 months to decide, and a lot could change in 5 mouths especially w the uncertainty of covid-19, but yeah, that’s my current thoughts.

thanks in advance if you read this :)

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Well in order to succeed, you have to make sure you are okay first. Your mental health should always comes first. I’m 19 year old guy and in uni and it hasn’t been easy with the pandemic but I’m trying to manage. I see that you rely on your friends and I am happy for you to have such caring people in your life. As much as I would love to tell you how uni is an amazing experience, it is ultimately what you want to do and what you think is best for not only you but your mental health. I know life isn’t always easy but it is what you make it. I’m sure you are a strong individual and a great person but you ha e to be able to appreciate who you really are. No matter what, just know you are an amazing person and that you can make a great impact on others. I know you can get better with your mental health but you have to be able to push yourself a bit and make sure that you can give yourself that love. Just know you deserve to love yourself as much as the next person.

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hi! first of all, i really appreciate that you read what i wrote and responded, it really lifted my spirits and cheered me up knowing someone listened - thank you for that truly :)) if you ever need someone to listen to/talk to, i will be there to listen and i mean that! what you said is very true and also meant a lot to me and really did help. thank you so much.


Well if you ever need anyone to talk to and I know this is anonymous, here is my snapchat: Pikachu714. This is a hard time for all of us and it is better to not be alone during these times. If you need anything just text me here.


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