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Bani Singh @banisinghvasir

Good Morning Dearest Now&Me Empaths β˜€οΈ

Looking at the recent trend, we have noticed a lot of new members & also a lot of people just wanting to have random conversations with each other.

Talking about things, even random ones sometimes can be quite relieving.

Hence, here are two new tags to serve that purpose:

🀝 Intro: Feel free to introduce yourselves to the rest of the Now&Me members using this tag. You can talk about anything that is important to you, anything that you deeply care about, or are not happy about. This is your space to be your true self!

πŸ’¬ Chit-Chat: For all the K-Drama lovers, movie & music fans, gamers & the lovely souls who are connecting over shared interests. Make this space as fun and animated as you like! Start a story writing thread together, discuss your favourite book, exchange your favourite music.

We have created these tags for you and we hope you will always keep the Now&Me Community Guidelines in mind before interacting.

To access all tags, click here or go to the footer on the homepage.

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