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New here, I hope 2024 is going great for everyone, if not then don’t worry luck is coming by your side so just keep up with everything. Life isn’t fairytale, it has ups and downs which makes you learn and grow as a person. Try to find beauty in everything. Shed tears when you’re sad, crying doesn’t mean weakness but it enhance your qualities when you wake up next day to face the world. Choose yourself first and be a little selfish. Relationship is not bad , some says relationship destroys focus from work. For me, Love and work is on same level. Love gives me motivations and energy to go through work, channels me to give my best. Everyone need love, care and support to thrive on. One thing is that you should not force love , you should not rush into love, love should happen naturally. I’ve felt and noticed that people get into relationships which based on all desire with conditions but not real love. Well, one life, it is yours only. I pray everyone to have their best life which they have wished for. Good nighty beautiful souls .♥️:)

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VedforYou @allen_walker8

In this world where people find it easier to breakup than deleting their Instagram accounts … pyaar dard hota hai yaar. Dardd

And I guess this true love ye sabb … is not meant for the pure souls any more. The world is too busy for that. Jiske paas dil hota hai … wo toota hua hai. And jiske pas nahi … he or she might be filled with traumas and past experiences of toxicity … loneliness … ye sabbb.

No wonder why the present generation loves those romantic movies (because it never happens in real life lol)

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