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Never once I thought about suicide before…
But now… what is the purpose of my existence? I’m not pretty, not smart, not talented, not rich, not kind, not friendly, not funny, can’t do anything, only being a disgrace to my parents and my big family, being a burden to everyone. A literal trash
All I can do is silently crying every night knowing what a a failure and a big disappointment I actually am.
Maybe I shouldn’t have been born in the first place.

What if… just what if I didn’t exist, will people around me be better?

But… I’m scared of death…

2 replies

Hey. You are just overthinking. Even I thought so, but I have come to realise that there is always a reason for our existence. Sometimes we don’t know why but we do live because there is a purpose.


Our existence does have a reason. While so many are dying each and every day, if we are having yet another day, there must be a reason. Imagine, we were a drop of sperm before we came into existence, and we did gain a form, and enter this world, and we would have despaired so many times, cried, depressed, anxious, and survived so many storms in life, and we are here now, having this breath. This moment we are alive, that’s something we’ve to be grateful for. The things we thought will never pass, has passed. We shouldn’t think as our life has no purpose, without thorough research.

We are created for a purpose, and we’ll be tested with trials. God has created every single thing, from the formation of a life to the celestial movements in a detailed, complex & precise way. Purpose of this life is the purpose itself, you’ve to find the purpose of life. If you ever feel depressed, lost, and broken, read Qur’an in English language. Simply download the Qur’an app. Qur’an is the final revelation of God, it’s the guidance for the mankind until the day of judgement. After reading Qur’an, I found my purpose of life, it’s that this life is nothing but a test, we’ll be tested, and we’ll have the rewards in the hereafter after according to our deeds in this life. Purpose of life is, believe in one God, that’s Allaah(God in Arabic language), and to him belongs glory and majesty, he is our lord, he shall be worshiped alone. Just Google for ‘Qur’an & Science’, Qur’an revealed before 14 centuries, says the facts that we came to know very recently. It speaks about astronomy, zoology, oceanology, biology, and etc. If you wanna find the purpose of life, start with Qur’an, it’s the guidance of God, indeed there’s no better guidance than the guidance of God.


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