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Never had the opportunity to have someone by my side. Never had a person who’d fulfil my romantic desires. But kind of fell in a hole which made me experience a few things but left me hating myself. 
Now that my parents have set me up with someone, and I’m finally going to meet him, I’m scared. I really am. 
I want to be honest with him, tell him who I am and why I think what I think. But I fear, that’ll drive him away just kile my non existent love life. But I certainly can’t live double faced. I am a mess. And I don’t want to disappoint anyone, especially my family and the guy who might be interested in me.

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The conflict between who we are, how the world views us and how we’d like the world to view us is not an easy one to decipher. I get what you mean when you say that you don’t want to drive the person away. But don’t pre-stress about it. That’s one of the many what-ifs. What could go wrong? Once you start thinking that way, the possibilities are endless. Just be who you are, because what else is love, right? Someone who lets you be your true self, and loves you for all that you are, flaws and all. Everyone comes with their own set of quirks, and true love is accepting the other person wholeheartedly
Don’t give up a part of yourself just to birth a love life. It literally is so overrated, as if dating is a skill you need to master. It might be for some. For those looking to date, or just to have fun. But loving someone should come organically and not be created or forced.




I can’t believe I’m saying this, but reading your reply makes me feel calm and happy. I am the way I am. I have my flaws but I love myself and if given a chance I would do everything the same Way because that has made me the person I am today.
I always have good intentions at heart and will always have good intentions. I just have to take one step at a time and embrace the exciting possibilities which await me.

Dhairya @dhairya

Even if sun is covered by clouds sun will shine we just need to fight with clouds to make our space you are that ? sunshine.He Lost An Gem In Search Of Stones It 's just that at  the end of  day I want ki the sun should shine anyone can become cloud but being rainbow after the cloud is the key ?
like gaining trust is easy but I will build trust  brick by brick is the thing is  gaining will end soon but building  won’t end …
Cool mind telling what exactly what happened like see you trusted the people who you knew they broke your trust ,
Trust an unknown person he/she may prove out to best one not as in other thing just like sharing and making yourself feel lighter and better
I even have an Instagram page for quotes related to relationship please do see it if you are into quotes


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