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Never believed in right person but wrong timing until i met this guy. I finally found the one who loves me right and for who i am. But we jus hav few more months then he will leave. Never thought id like and get attached to someone again. Fall for someone so hard and get this serious. It scares me. I try to capm my slf n not scare him. I jus dnt wan to let him go. I jus can’t. I don’t want to. He says jus pray tht if we are right for each other we end up together. But I can’t go through this phase agn. Of losing someone. Someone who loved me right and someone i love. What do i do. He says he isnt sure abt himself abt future coz he will be leaving in few months. I feeel so anxious that i am on antidepressants now but still not helping me

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Welcome to the club girl jab nhi hona chahiye tbhi destiny kaat deti h


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